Climbing In Pakistan 2008

Canadian Hainabrakk Expedition from alpine summits on Vimeo.

Simon Meis and I traveled to Pakistan in the summer of 2008. We set up a base camp in the Trango Valley below Nameless tower for 4 weeks. We were successful on several ascents and managed to establish a new route on Hainabrakk Peak. The climb went straight up the centre of the East face, it was 1200 meters long with difficulties up to 5.11+R, A2. Over the course of 3 days we climbed the route using only 1 pin (no bolts) and we free climbed 32 of the 34 pitches. We captured some film while climbing and we took some great photos, enough to put together a short clip (10 min) of the climb. "the Choice" ED 3 1200m 5.11R A2.

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  1. The video works better if you go to the Vimeo site. http://vimeo.com/7616999