I had the opportunity to climb Nemesis with Raphael Slawinski a couple weeks ago. We hiked up the Stanley Valley in the early morning looking for the climb 'Gentlemen's Day Out', but we didn't really know where to find it. Our default for the day was to climb Nemesis, which we have both climbed half a dozen times or so. It turned out to be more difficult then we expected, cold and brittle ice all the way to the top, with a shower of water adding to the excitement. Even though it was cold and wet I managed to pull the camera out to get some cool footage.

Check it out. Joshua

Nemesis from Joshua Lavigne on Vimeo.


CMH Galena

I just returned from 5 days of "guides training" (skiing and drinking) at the CMH Galena and Monashee lodges. Even with a below average snowpack, about 120cm, the skiing was spectacular. I was blown away by what seemed like endless steep tree skiing and beautiful alpine bowls.  I'm looking forward to the 6 weeks of guiding that I will do there.

I put together a short video clip of the Galena ski experience, check it out below. Joshua

 Mike Welch, the manager of CMH Galena took some great photos of Lars Andrews, making the 120cm of snow look a whole lot deeper!

CMH Galena Set-up from alpinesummits on Vimeo.