Grand Paradiso and Mt. Blanc

The Grand Paradiso (the summit to the right)

After taking a couple days off of work, where I managed to solo the Frendo and then climb with Crosby Johnston on the south side of the Midi, I went back to work for Edward Bekker  on a week long mountaineering program. We started the week by climbing the Grand Paradiso in Italy and then climbing Mt. Blanc. A great week with fantastic weather and an awesome group.

Lining up for the summit push

Waiting our turn to hold the summit Madonna 

The wonderful Chabod Refuge with hot showers 
and incredible Italian hospitality

Appraoching to the Tete Rousse Refuge
on the regular route on Mt. Blanc

Heading up Mt. Blanc on a quiet day,
over 250 people reached the summit!

Watching the sun rise at 5:30 am, we summitted at 6:30 am.

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